Slime Mask

Released February 17th 2018


Fitting in alongside the likes of Virtual Dream Plaza and The Jewel Ship, ambient and drone veteran Slime Mask arrives on Dream Catalogue with the 55 minute trip of ‘Foretoken’. Sit and listen as this piece mutates and evolves from the depths of the dark swamp, fractures of light shimmering in the waters, rising into a static laden ethereal voyage thru the heavens over its epic length. Originally meant for TKX Vault but upgraded to DC under previous head operator Henry Moonchild’s vision, a cerebral cut selected for true DREAM-headz. This album will be released on cassette later this year.

Shima33 cover 1500Shima33 


Released February 20th 2018


Unpredictable as ever, the wild and uncontrollable Shima33 is back with his latest album ‘Looking’, switching up the gentle ambience of his past few drops with us for something more hard hitting and avant-garde. Though taking influence from 90’s techno, psytrance, hardvapour, trip hop and beyond, Shima’s new album is rather the story of a love found and lost, the pain of broken hearts, and as always it acts of a snapshot of the DC mainstay’s tumultuous life from this period. This album will be available on 12” vinyl later this year.

renja final 1500Renjā 
In Ictu Oculi


Releases February 25th 2018

After two album releases with us back in our early years, Renjā returns with a matured and experienced new vision for his craft on new album ‘In Ictu Oculi’. Having spread his wings with albums on BLCR, Aurawire and others, the young artist has refined his work into something expresses a deep love of life and beauty, blending of the temporal and spiritual that takes cues from artists as far ranging as J Dilla and Telepath, with his organic and earthly use of sampling, yet striving for something deeper beyond the immediate sensory world. This album will be available on 12” vinyl later this year.


Kagami Smile

Releases March 1st 2018

Kagami Smiie has built something of a reputation for himself under the “ghost tech” banner, being one of Halo Acid’s first choices earmarked for his Tekres vision. Though having already made a name for himself as Chimess with straight up ambient techno music, he continues to develop on this new style as Kagami with that same relentless ambient techno undercurrent, but taking it one step further into the realm of concept and experimentation. Aptly named ‘Anxiety’, his work here induces claustrophobic feelings of stress and uncertainty, reflecting his own emotional from the period the album was recorded, following the birth of his first daughter. This album will be released on cassette later this year.

front sorted digi

No Death
Angel Tech

Releases March 5th 2018

The well-travelled No Death finally comes to Dream Catalogue with ‘Angel Tech’ following appearances on some recent compilations. An experienced jazz player and 3D artist alike, the multi-talented producer arrives here with a 4-track drop of melodic lo-fi that puts a surrealist spin on 80’s new age and ambient tropes, ranging from the catchy bassline of the title track and one of the deepest drone cuts in the label’s history with ‘What Do You See’. This album will be available on 12” vinyl later this year.